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This is a useful site.

7. Dec, 2015

Adam Oliver

I visited Amy for Botox over the summer. I was a little apprehensive, but Amy explained everything really well. I have been really pleased with the results and will definitely be making another appointment soon.

16. May, 2015

Jenny White

I visited Amy for Botox on my forehead, crows feet & between brows (see pics on the site). We discussed the condition of my skin at the time, which just seemed a bit dull & a little aged. Amy was informative & I decided to think about a skin peel. I've
been absolutely delighted with my Botox results, so I booked in for my first peel! The treatment is short & intense; I expereienced a mild tingling sensation as the peel worked. I was re-assured by Amy who timed the process (I have sensitive skin). Afterwards
I had lovely smooth skin with a radiant glow. I'll be booking a course; much better results & value than facials!

10. May, 2015

Jenny White

I had my forehead, the deep frown between my eyes and my crows feet treated. Amy explained the procedure & what to expect, together with answering my questions. She numbed the area slightly with a cream; this was great, as I barely felt the treatment!
The results started to show after around 5 days & took about 8 days to be complete. I'm really pleased with the results & can certainly recommend Amy. Many thanks Amy!

26. Apr, 2015


Ever so happy with the results. This was my first time having Botox and I was quite nervous, Amy assured me the procedure was safe and explained everything before I had the treatment. It took 6days to work fully (I was suprised) but I am so happy with
the results, I don't look so angry all of the time now and it looks so natural. I'll be back in 4months for my next treatment. Thanks again.